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What do you want from your kitchen?

This may seem like a strange question, but kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and as a consequence or often just appreciably more than just functional. What you want your kitchen to do for you will likely also depend on your lifestyle. If you spent a fair bit of time away from home and […]

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Why not take the Trade Interiors challenge?

Whether it is replacing an existing kitchen in your current home, or plans to install a new kitchen in a new home you are moving to, we all have our ideas on how we would like a kitchen laid out for us. Similarly, if we are looking to fit out a new bathroom or shower […]

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Moving house for new fitted kitchen and fitted bathroom

Often it is only when we decide to move that sorts can turn to a new fitted bathroom or new fitted kitchen. The property market here in Bristol is quite buoyant, so as a supplier of fitted kitchens, Bristol-based Trade Interiors is very much aware of the circumstances under which many of their clients decide […]

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Small is Beautiful!

  Perhaps the greatest challenge we face here at Trade Interiors is providing the right kitchen designs and bathroom designs for smaller property here in Bristol. Somehow, when presented with a large blank canvas, it is not so much of a challenge to create a stunning kitchen design and installation as it is when space […]